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Top Fire Safety Services for Wine Factories

Whether you already have fire safety systems in your wine making factory in place, or need them, it is important to know where to start, and what your factory needs. That is why we have chosen the best fire protection services that will ensure environment and factory safety. Before making any decisions, check out the best services below, and see what best fits your wine factory:

Fire Alarm and Detection

In a wine factory, a lot of the structure is flammable. Fire alarm and detection systems are essential in any and every building. Fire alarms are important to provide a warning to hopefully save the building before permanent destruction. Our fire alarm and detection services serve to protect and preserve wine factories. Due to the speed and totality of fire destruction, it proves to be one of the most serious threats. When it comes to environmentally damaged or vandalized structures, they can be repaired or restored. However, when it comes to fire destruction, damaged items and building are either next to impossible to repair, or gone forever. The first step toward stopping a fire is to identify the incident by raising alarm and notifying emergency response professionals.

Our fire alarm systems are offered with several system types because it depends on the characteristics of the wine factory. Fire alarm systems are generally set up with sprinklers, which is extremely beneficial to help assist with extinguishing the fire before professional help arrives. The systems also shut down any electrical, and air systems for further safety. The most common type of detectors offered are fixed temperature devices and rate-of-rise detector. We highly recommend thermal detectors because they are 100% reliable and have impeccable resistance to operate from non-hostile sources. It’s important to choose a reliable fire alarm system but more important to make sure your wine factory has one in general. Permanent damage will be avoided with the help of fire alarms and detection devices.

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression is very helpful to control the fire while help is awaited for. By determining system performance requirements, an evaluation of water supply, it will help the installation process move along quickly. Suppression systems are customized safety systems that are specifically designed for unique hazards. The suppression systems provide services like automatic sprinklers, water mist, fire pumps, standpipes, water spray, water supply, foam-water, carbon dioxide, clean agents. These systems usually extinguish and prevent fire using a combination of dry chemicals and wet agents to suppress factory fires.

Smoke Control Systems

Smoke control systems are important for building safety and safety of lives. They are designed to provide and protect the wine factory and life safety from smoke damaged caused by the fire. Their capabilities are used to limit the migration of the smoke within the building. There are several popular methods used to limit this migration, but the best smoke solutions are designed to provide tenable environments to egress the factory. It is important to understand when choosing a smoke control system that best fits your wine factory, that you consider these learning objectives: Understand which standards govern smoke control systems, understand why more ventilation is not necessarily better, and learn about active and passive smoke control. For smoke control standards, you need to know that the IBC (International Building Code) is addressed to the issue of smoke migration in many meanings, which includes requirements for sealing penetrations, protection of shafts, and smoke control systems. For active and passive smoke control systems, you need to know that the passive system relies on temperature differences between the inside and outside air using the natural buoyancy of the warmer gasses to move the gas out of the factory. The active control systems rely completely on exhaust and pressurization systems. Finally, large open spaces like a wine factory tend to expose all occupants in the same environment to the same threat, thus why it is important for wine factories to have smoke control systems.

Structural Fire Protection

Structural fire protection is crucial for the stability of the factories structure during a fire. The structures build could save itself from complete destruction. This is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to fire safety services. This one important service could save the most money and provide less damage from fires. Structural fire protection offers insulation materials, systems, and coatings that will delay or prevent fire-induced temperature ride and damage. It is highly recommended to get structural fire protection for walls, columns, and floors. The type of fire protection material, thickness, product, and installation will fully rely on the design chosen for the specific building.

Before choosing a specific fire safety system, consider all these facts and realize all the safety systems are important and should be required to ensure your wine factory stability and safety during a fire. You never know what could happen, so it is better to be properly prepared than be sorry and have an immense amount of money or long time heritage gone forever.